Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Where Have We Been These Past Months?

We started as volunteers for the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park February 1 and we have been busy, busy since we arrived!  It took me a couple of days to remember how to give tours through the Texas White House and sure enough, it was like riding a bicycle. It did come back!  Ron fell right back into his maintenance spot. And the icing on the cake?  It’s having our friends Jim and Randa and Ed and Carolyn here with us as volunteers and we are all camped back at the ranch.
Me, Jim, Carolyn, Ed, Ron and Randa

Check out that sunset!

The NPS staff provided a couple of field trips for us.  One was to the Waco Mammoth National Monument in Waco.

Cool park!

Of course, what's a field trip without an ice cream stop!

The next week they took us on an awesome trip to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library which is located on the University of Texas campus.  Of course we got to see a part that most folks don’t get to see - the Presidential Suite.  When we left there we then went to the Lady Byrd Johnson Wildlife Center and got a personal tour.

Inside the Presidential Suite at the library.

What a treat to be allowed in here!

An example of the Johnson Treatment!

What an awesome group of first ladies!

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin

Standing behind a waterfall

February and March have really given us some cold weather here.  The spring calves are being born and that has been a real treat to watch.  We have made several trips back and forth to Sweeny, allowing Ron to go for follow-ups on his shoulder and me for my foot.  Super Bowl found us having a party here at our motorhome for all the volunteers.  That’s one way to make use of that outside TV!!!

Super Bowl Party!!!!

We have gone exploring a little in our area.  Really enjoyed a stop at the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery.  You have a choice of sampling their vodka, or you can choose to have the bartender make you a couple of drinks with the vodka. That’s what we chose!  I have a new favorite!  The sweet tea flavored vodka - delicious with lemonade and soda.

Drink menu at Deep Eddy

Despite the cold and rain, we did go to Alamo Springs for one of their famous hamburgers.

Almost impossible to put the whole thing in your mouth!!

Finally made a winery stop. I have always wanted to go to the Fat Ass Winery so we did. Ron was a trooper. We met a young couple as we were leaving and they asked us to go to the 4.0 Cellars with them, so we did.  Enjoyed good conversation with the perfect weather.

Took a drive over to Mason one day. Beautiful area and drive.  That evening we met some of our previous volunteers from LBJ at the Pecan Street Brewery in Johnson City.
Friends from 2 years ago meeting at Pecan Street Brewing in Johnson City.

We’ve been making it out to the Albert Dance Hall and Ice House on some of our Wednesdays. They open the dance hall on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. That’s where we spent Valentine’s Day and it was a blast.
One of the oldest dance halls in Texas!

Really enjoy listening to the Lost Sounds of Texas Honkytonks band!

This particular night they are playing inside of the Albert Ice House.

One Wednesday night we had the whole gang!  David, Chelsea, Cynthia, Jo, George, Tina, Randa, Ann

More Volunteers!  Lois and Steve, back row is Ed, Ron, Mary, Jim, front row middle is Paul, Emily, then Randa and Jo

One weekend when we went to Sweeny we joined Amy and James and went to the Matagorda Seafood Festival.  Perfect weather and ran into lots of friends we haven’t seen in a while.
James and Amy with grandson Marshall

I always enjoy being with daughter Amy!

Spring Break week at the park equals some very large crowds and the volunteer work seems like some really tough days. On Tuesday, Ron’s brother Don and wife Rene’, daughter Laura and her children and Gina and Allen (Rene’s sister) came out and ate dinner with us. That’s when we got the call that our oldest daughter Liz was in a golf cart accident near Austin and was going to be having surgery that evening. Oh heck.......  And this started a month long journey with her. Once again, glad we just happened to be in the area.

To quickly sum it up, I was her primary caretaker through 4 surgeries.  She had to have a skin graft on her ankle.  And a couple of screws to fix the ankle as well.  She’s been such a trooper through it all. I don’t know if I will ever again though say - I wish I could spend more time with Liz cause this isn't the way I would envision spending more time with her!  She spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital. She needed help back home as she lives in a 2 story house and she’s a single mom. She was on bed rest for the first 2 weeks and was not allowed to lower her foot any at all. And that’s a challenge.
First surgery at Cedar Park Regional Hospital

Oh my goodness Liz!  You can see why she needed plastic surgery. They would take some muscle and skin from her thigh for this wound.

Getting in the ambulance for a ride to Dell Seton Hospital in Austin.

Wheeling outside for some sunshine!

The hospital is just a few blocks from the Texas State Capitol.

One day we had a beauty shop day. Wheeled that wheelchair right up to the sink.

And one day Laura and Avery came to visit!

And one day we finally got released! Only to have to return later.

Foot is healing

Coming out of surgery for the 4th time with our fingers crossed!!!

One day we were visited by my cousin Fay who lives in Austin.

Home again. Liz and Lucy.

One weekend we met Amy and James at their deer lease. And Saturday night we went to Luckenbach and listened to Johnny Bush in concert.
Got to go see a hog tying contest.

The legendary Johnny Bush.

One weekend we worked the LBJ 100 bike race.  Nothing like hundreds of cars descending on the park and then all these bicycles.  Lots and lots of spandex!!  My job this time was to go up and down the runway in the golf cart and offer folks rides. (I know kinda humorous given the fact that we're dealing with the after effects of a golf cart accident with our daughter.)  LBJ's daughter Luci Johnson Turpin gives a tour after the ride so I assisted in shuttling all that it takes for her to give her tour.

Need a ride?

Lots of bikes! And spandex!

Luci Johnson starting her bike tour at the plane.

Her tour ends at the cemetery. LBJ and Lady Bird's headstones are behind her.

Easter we enjoyed church services in Johnson City and then went to Austin to have lunch at our niece Laura’s house.

And we have had an opportunity to go see one of Aiden, our grandson, baseball game.

What a great third baseman!

Look who got the game ball!
And Amy, James and Aiden came to visit us at the park last weekend!  It was crazy weather, but we still had a great time.
Aiden playing with the baby goats.

Aiden took this selfie with a baby calf.

I think Aiden would make an awesome president!!!

The park police were so fun to let Aiden hit all the bells and whistles!

Love this picture of Amy and me!

As our time is nearing an end here at the LBJ Park, it will be hard to say good-bye. We have a lot of good friends out here.  But we are looking forward to a road trip to Florida for the month of May.
One of our good-bye pot lucks with volunteers and seasonal rangers.

Will miss our evening campfires.

So, that about wraps up our 3 months here in the Texas Hill Country!  If you haven't traveled to Johnson City and Fredericksburg area, head out here!  It's a winery heaven and beautiful place for wildflowers in the spring.  Lots of good Texas dancing music and lots of good folks.

Until next time........

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  1. That is an action packed few months. Your daughters accident looks painful, glad to hear she is recovering.