Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Skagway AK to Haines AK

Day 39 – June 9 and we are off bright and early today for Skagway, Alaska!  (And we are really glad to leave that RV park behind.)  We continued on Alaska Hwy. 1, but didn’t see any wildlife today.  We stopped at the Continental Divide which divides two of the largest drainage systems in North America – the Yukon River and the Mackenzie River watersheds.  The Yukon goes to the Bering Sea (Pacific) while the Mackenzie flows northward and empties into the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean). 

I know, but there really wasn't a spectacular picture to take.....

Next stop was the Nisutlin Bay Bridge which crosses the Nisutlin River into Teslin.  This bridge is the second longest water span on the Alaska Highway at 1,917 feet. 

We are straddling the British Columbia/Yukon Territory border several times on the highway. Next we choose the route to Skagway so at Jake’s Corner, we get on Highway 8 to Carcross by way of Tagish where we stopped for a quick lunch break ono the beautiful river.  Once we reach Carcross, we stop to admire the Carcross Desert. Pretty interesting to see sand dunes here.

Now we are on the Klondike Highway headed south to Skagway. Oh my – getting some beautiful scenery here!  We stop at Bove Island Viewpoint.

Then there are snowy mountains reflected in Tutshi Lake.
Abandoned mine by the highway.

Then the rocky valley of Summit Lake.

Then we are into the good old USA!  I have to admit, the photos you see from today are Donna’s.  Silly me forgot and did not get my memory card back into my camera and for the life of me, I couldn’t find pictures saved on internal storage on this camera.  So, our photos of us standing in front of “Welcome to Alaska” are lost somewhere…….  It was a breeze going through customs this time.  Now we are in to the history of all the gold seekers!  We are staying the night at Pulleln RV park which is on/at the ferry dock.  It’s a real close walk to town.  Not too bad for a full hook up park – at least it isn’t a gravel parking lot. LOL!  There is an excellent National Historical Park here – The Klondike Gold Rush . Enjoyed an awesome dinner at Skagway Fish Company on the dock.  It’s so windy!

Well, I know, it's Donna and Greg. But just imagine it is me and Ron......

Day 40 – June 10 is another one of those “slow” days.  We are supposed to get in line at 12:30 for the ferry to take us to Haines, AK.  Of course, the ferry leaves at 2:30…… We went and got our passport books stamped at the Klondike Gold Rush NHP. Walked around town again.  Loaded the campers and got to the ferry. Then we had 2 hours to burn, so went to the Red Onion for some pizza!  Now getting onto the Fairweather ferry – all I can say is, so glad Ron and Greg are very capable of backing our rigs in and doing a 90 degree turn inside. I am including a picture showing Greg backing in to give you an idea.  A very pretty, short 15 minute ferry ride. 
Train tracks for the historic train

A little history.....

Wonder if this bike is named "Klondike Gold"?

Skagway....a port city kind of town.

They put the baby fish in here.

This is how you get loaded on the ferry

See how you have to back in?

In the lot waiting....
Gives you a little more perspective on how you get the rigs loaded.

All backed in. Not the easiest....

We think we saw a small beluga whale. Here’s all I got captured of it – the tail.

We are spending the night at Oceanside RV in Haines.  Yes, there is an awesome view.  But along with it, we are camped within 6’ of complete strangers on one side, having to listen to them dredge the harbor, and then there is such strong wind here!  On the up side, it was fun to sit on the edge of the bay and watch the eagles.

Day 41 – June 11 we got up early. So easy to do when the sunrise is around 3:15 am and your neighbors that you don’t know are banging around by 6. We decided to move to Chilkoot State Park, about 10 miles down the road.  It is absolutely beautiful here.  We have a site on the lake. 

Mama duck and a LOT of ducklings!

The view of Haines.
Took a short drive and went to Chilkat State Park, where there are 2 glaciers you can view.  The wind was blowing at least 50 mph here, but the glaciers are beautiful. The Davidson Glacier and Rainbow Glacier.

Rainbow Glacier

This is where they were counting the salmon on the Chilkoot River.

We did get our Alaska fishing licenses today.  Geez….$145 each. But think of all the fun we hope to have!!! We came back and did a little fishing before dinner, but didn’t catch anything. But we heard a story from a man that was there about when he caught a salmon last year, and as he is reeling it in, an eagle swoops down and catches the salmon, that he has hooked.  I can only imagine. It would have to be like kite flying, in a way. Finally, he said the eagle broke his line and took his fish.
Sunset on Chilkoot Lake

Day 42 – June 12 – Thankfully, in the trees, it is dark. And it is quiet here. And we slept in!  We decided to launch the canoe on this beautiful lake.  Had fun spotting eagles on the shore. As I said, it is a beautiful lake.  Went to town later and went to the Bald Eagle Foundation. Interesting.  Came back and went for a hike – wasn’t too long.  Enjoyed visiting with our neighbors from The Woodlands.  They shared good campsite information with us.

Nothing better than being in the canoe on the lake.

Until next time………

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